Friends with benefits

Nutshell's 3rd-party integrations keep your data connected.

Google Apps

Bring Nutshell to your Gmail inbox and calendar. It's super easy to setup. Show me how.

Microsoft Exchange

Activities you create in Nutshell can be automatically synchronized to Microsoft Exchange and all associated Outlook clients.


See Twitter stats and avatar at the top of profile pages, along with their bio in the sidebar.


Quickly export your Nutshell contacts into MailChimp lists, with all of our powerful filters, including region and industry.


Create well-designed web forms with Wufoo and turn those forms into leads in Nutshell.


Nutshell integrates with Zapier to make integrations with other business tools available to you and your teams. Show me how.


Track all communications you have with customers through Zendesk, in Nutshell. Show me how.


A great tool to chat live with your web visitors. Your customers are already on your site. Talk with them. Show me how.


A quick and easy way to get contracts and documents signed without leaving your desk.

Quote Roller

Turn a lead into a well-designed quote or proposal.


Document analytics tools (like PandaDoc) tell you who saw and signed your document and even how long they spent on each section.


Push new leads directly to Nutshell through beautiful forms on your website with 40Nuggets. Learn more.


RingCentral can search Nutshell by incoming caller ID. Also use Nutshell's Click-to-call feature with RingCentral!


Automatically track, log and even record phone calls inside of Nutshell. Learn more.


Easily send messages into Nutshell without worrying about typing the bcc manually each time.


Easily sync files from your Dropbox account to Nutshell and attach them to contacts, accounts, and leads.

Google Drive

Easily sync files from Google Drive to Nutshell and attach them to contacts, accounts, and leads.


Easily sync files from your Box account to Nutshell and attach them to contacts, accounts, and leads.

Request an integration

Help us improve Nutshell. Head over to the Nutshell ideas forum and tell us what you would like us to build.

Extend Nutshell with Zapier

Automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

Automatically create Trello Cards from Nutshell leads.

Create MailChimp subscribers from Nutshell contacts.

Send Nutshell contacts to Google Contacts.

Automatically create Nutshell leads from Wufoo form entries.

Add new Nutshell leads to a spreadsheet row in Google Docs

Shopify new customers to Nutshell contacts.

Evernote new notes to Nutshell leads.

Create Campaign Monitor subscribers from Nutshell contacts.

Create Nutshell contacts from Freshbooks clients.

Create HubSpot contacts from Nutshell

Create QuickBooks customers from new Nutshell contacts.

Create Nutshell contacts from Xero contacts.