Kuinka paljon CRM maksaa?

CRM can produce a massive return on investment over time, but it’s important for small business sales teams to choose a CRM that’s affordable from the start and the right fit for your business.

Many different factors can affect the cost of a CRM, so it’s important to understand CRM pricing when evaluating your options. In this guide, we’ll explore how CRM pricing works and the factors that impact it. We’ll also compare the starting prices for over 30 of the top-ranked small business CRMs.

Kuinka paljon CRM maksaa?

The average price for a full-featured plan from a top CRM is $67 per user per month based on the prices for the top CRMs listed below. However, costs can range from about $15 to over $300 monthly per user, depending on a wide range of factors.

CRM pricing varies widely depending on the CRM and package you choose. Many CRM companies offer various packages, from low-cost or free versions that only include basic features to enterprise plans with advanced features and extensive customization.

CRM-ohjelmat hinnoitellaan yleensä käyttäjäkohtaisesti ja kuukausittain. Toisin sanoen sinun on kerrottava CRM:n peruskustannukset sitä käyttävien tiimiläisten määrällä, jotta voit laskea CRM:n kuukausittaisen kokonaisinvestoinnin.

Overall CRM costs can vary even more when you include CRM implementation costs, training, maintenance, and other potential costs.

Average CRM cost graphic

Factors that impact CRM costs

Many different factors affect both the initial and ongoing costs of a CRM. While the base price provides a good starting point when comparing options, you’ll want to calculate your costs based on your business’s unique needs to get the most accurate numbers to compare.

The main factors impacting CRM costs are:

  • Features: Each tier includes different features, and you may be able to add additional features to your package. Consider your business’s needs and goals when comparing features and packages.
  • Number of users: CRMs typically charge based on the number of users. Some CRMs have a minimum or maximum number of users for each plan they offer.
  • Number of contacts: Some CRMs charge by number of contacts. (All Nutshell plans allow unlimited contacts.)
  • Data storage: Some CRMs place a cap on data storage and charge additional fees for higher storage limits. (All Nutshell plans come with unlimited data storage.)
  • Usage limits: Some CRM tiers include usage limits for certain features, such as the number of pipelines or automated workflows.
  • Customizations: Customizing your CRM may involve additional costs, whether you go through your CRM provider, a third party, or in-house developers to set up customizations.
  • Integrations: Setting up certain integrations can also involve additional costs. You can often set up these integrations through your CRM provider, a third party, or in-house developers. 
  • Implementation: The initial implementation of your CRM may involve additional costs for setup, data migration, training, and other elements. Some CRMs charge an initial setup fee. More complex CRMs may require you to hire a third party to assist with implementation.
  • Ongoing maintenance: You should also consider the costs of ongoing maintenance of your CRM system. Ongoing maintenance may include expenses related to data management, customization, training of new employees, and technical support.

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How much does CRM implementation cost?

Understanding the ongoing monthly or annual cost of a CRM is essential, but you need to know what initial implementation costs to expect as well. Like overall CRM costs, CRM implementation costs can vary significantly depending on factors like the company you work with, the complexity of the CRM you choose, and the complexity of your setup.

Rolling out a user-friendly CRM to a small company may require hardly any additional cost besides the price of the CRM and the time spent implementing the new system. Nutshell, for example, includes live support in all of our plans and is easy to learn, so you can get set up quickly and cost-effectively.

For a large company rolling out a complex CRM such as Salesforce that requires hiring consultants, paying setup fees, and setting up customizations, implementation may cost $5000 to more than $100,000.

Here’s a look at the main factors affecting CRM implementation cost.

CRM implementation costs graphic

Outside consulting

Some businesses hire third-party consultants, who often specialize in specific software, to assist them with CRM implementation.

For most CRMs, this isn’t necessary. For certain complicated and difficult-to-use CRMs, however, hiring a consultant is the norm. Salesforce users, for example, often need to hire outside consultants to help with implementation.

The cost of hiring a third-party consultant can significantly add to the cost of your implementation.

Setup and data migration fees

Some CRMs charge fees for setup and data migration.

Before choosing a new CRM, carefully check the pricing page for information about setup fees and ask about any fees in your communications with the company.

If you need extensive customization, your setup will likely involve extra costs. However, this mostly applies to enterprise companies. Most users don’t need large-scale customization.

At Nutshell, all of our plans include free live support, and we’ll even import your data for you at no cost. Plus, we prioritize user-friendliness, so it’s easy to get started.


Another potential cost is training. Some CRMs may charge you for training, or you can purchase third-party training services. Again, this is typically only necessary for more complicated CRM systems.

For many CRMs, you can learn how to use the software with the CRM’s knowledge base and the help of the customer support team.

That’s why it’s important to consider whether a CRM charges for support and what their support includes when selecting a CRM. It’s useful to have access to support even with a relatively simple CRM.


Integrations are another potential cost factor in CRM implementation.

There are various options for integrations, including native integrations, integrations through middleware like Zapier, integrations through APIs, and custom integrations.

Before choosing a CRM, research what integrations they offer, how those integrations are set up, and whether those integrations require any additional costs. The most common integrations are often free, but more niche ones may involve extra costs to set up.

Integroi Nutshell helposti suosikkityökaluihisi.

Tutustu tiimimme kehittämiin ja validoimiin ohjelmistointegraatioihin, joiden avulla myynti- ja markkinointitiimisi voivat työskennellä tehokkaammin.


While this might not affect your costs directly, another factor to consider is the time it takes to set up and start using your CRM. You might experience a decrease in productivity during the time it takes your team to migrate to your new CRM and learn how to use the new system productively. 

When you choose a CRM that is easy to use and that your team can learn quickly, you minimize these costs. With a user-friendly CRM like Nutshell that offers free customer support, you can start driving value with your CRM right away.

Determining your CRM’s return on investment (ROI)

Looking at all of the costs that can be associated with CRM implementation can be intimidating, but it’s important to consider return on investment (ROI) when evaluating your costs as well. Of course, the goal of any CRM implementation is to drive ROI.

So, how much ROI can you drive with a CRM? The number will vary from organization to organization, but one study found that the average is $8.71 for every dollar spent.

CRM ROI graphic

It’s a good idea to measure your ROI after implementing your CRM to ensure you’re driving value. Consider your goals when determining which metrics to track, but some common ones include:

  • Myynnin määrä
  • Time to close
  • New revenue
  • Upsell rate
  • Lyijyn määrä
  • Sulje osuus
  • Asiakashankintakustannukset

You can also look at factors such as how much time your sales team is spending on administrative tasks versus selling.

To maximize your ROI, you’ll want to choose a CRM that doesn’t have excessive costs, has the features you need, and is user-friendly so that your team can easily adopt it and start driving value quickly. High adoption rates are key to driving high ROI with your CRM.

Overview of popular CRM system costs

According to G2, there are 653 (!) CRM software solutions currently on the market. To help narrow it down for you, we’ll explore the starting prices for the 30+ top-ranked small business CRMs based on their full-feature packages (when available).

For the purposes of comparison, we chose the CRM packages that were closest to Nutshell Pro in terms of included features, user/data limits, and technical support. (All of Nutshell’s CRM packages offer unlimited contacts, no data caps, and free live support.)

See the chart below for an overview and explore a more detailed breakdown below.

CRM-järjestelmäSuosittuja ominaisuuksiaKustannusten vaihteluväli (käyttäjää kohti)Asiaankuuluvat tiedot
NutshellIntuitiivinen käyttöliittymä, automaatio-ominaisuudet, tiimiyhteistyö$16 to $79Ilmainen kokeiluversio
KupariG Suite -integraatio, myyntiputken visualisointi, sähköpostin seuranta$25 to $129
PipedriveMukautettava myyntiputki, myynnin ennustaminen, kauppojen hallinta$14.90 to $119
MaanantaiErittäin mukautettavat, työnkulun automatisointi, yhteistyövälineet$10 to Custom
HubSpotIlmainen taso saatavilla, all-in-one-markkinointisarja, laajat integraatiot.$0 to $1781Ylemmillä tasoilla on vähimmäispaikkamäärät.
SalesforceMultiple dashboards, pipeline management, third-party integrations$25 to $300Annual contract required
ZohoSkaalautuvat hinnoittelusuunnitelmat, tekoälyavusteinen myyntiassistentti, projektinhallinta$14 to $65
Act!Contact management, order management, marketing automation$30 and upAdditional charges for certain features
Ketterä CRMPipeline management, email marketing, third-party integrationsFree to $79.99
ApptivoPipeline management, task management, email marketing$8 to $25
CapsuleContact management, workflow automation, reporting$18 to $75
SelkeysLead management, relationship linking, knowledge base$39 to $69Kaikilla tasoilla on vähimmäispaikkamäärät
CommenceWorkflow automation, sales analytics, lead management$12 to $32+
FreshsalesOmnichannel-viestintä, tekoälyyn perustuva liidien pisteytys, myynnin analytiikka$0 to $83
ActiveCampaignSähköpostimarkkinointi, automaatio, CRM, jossa on myynnin ja markkinoinnin ominaisuuksia$19 to Custom
KeapMarketing automation, ecommerce tools, lead capture forms$159 to $289Kaikilla tasoilla on vähimmäispaikkamäärät
InStreamContact management, task management, reporting$9 to $49
MaximizerContact management, pipeline management, reporting$65 to $79Kaikilla tasoilla on vähimmäispaikkamäärät
Vähemmän ärsyttävä CRMHelppokäyttöisyys, edullinen hinnoittelu, vankka asiakastuki$15
SuljeSisäänrakennettu soittaminen, sähköpostiautomaatio, liidien priorisointi$49 to $749Upper Tiers have minimum seat limits
PipelinerVisuaalinen putkenhallinta, sosiaalinen myynti, myynnin suorituskykymittarit$65 to $165Ensimmäisellä tasolla on vähimmäispaikkamäärä
RelentaContact management, email marketing, lead management $39 to $49
InsightlySuhteiden yhdistäminen, projektinhallinta, kehittynyt raportointi$29 - $99
ThryvPienten yritysten keskittyminen, tapaamisten aikataulutus, online-maineen hallinta$199 to $499
VikkeläSosiaalisen median integrointi, yhteyksien hallinta, älykkäät tekoälyehdotukset$24.90 to $29.90+
Sage CRMContact management, pipeline management, forecasting$39 and up
Really Simple SystemsContact management, pipeline management, reporting$0 to $64
SalesflareYhteistyön hallinta, Gantt-kaaviot, reaaliaikaiset päivitykset$29 - $99Upper Tiers have minimum seat limits
SugarCRMAutomatisoitu tietojen syöttö, sähköposti-integraatio, pääsy mobiilisovellukseen$49 to $135Kaikilla tasoilla on vähimmäispaikkamäärät
VtigerPipeline management, email marketing, customizable dashboards$12 to $58
Zendesk SellPipeline management, call tracking, reporting$19 to $149

Missä CRM:ssä on tarvitsemasi ominaisuudet?

Vuorovaikutteinen työtaulukkomme vertailee Nutshell, nykyisen yhteystietojen hallintaratkaisusi ja muiden parhaillaan arvioimiesi CRM-järjestelmien tarjoamia etuja.



Yearly billing vs annual billing cost breakdown

Kuinka paljon Nutshell maksaa?

Täydellinen ominaisuuspaketti: Nutshell Pro

Kustannukset kuukausittain laskutettuna: 49 dollaria käyttäjältä kuukaudessa.

Aloita 14 päivän ilmainen kokeilujakso Nutshell jo tänään!


$ 192



käyttäjää kohti kuukaudessa


käyttäjää kohti kuukaudessa


käyttäjää kohti kuukaudessa


käyttäjää kohti kuukaudessa

Arvioidut kustannukset


1 käyttäjä/s $

Vuosimaksu $

Kuinka paljon Copper (entinen Prosperworks) maksaa?

Full feature package: Copper Professional
Cost when billed annually: $59 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $69 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon HubSpot CRM maksaa?

Full feature package: HubSpot Starter

Note: HubSpot Starter is the closest tier to our comparison plan, although it has restrictive usage limits and lacks certain features such as sales automation. The next tier up is Professional, which ranges from $1,600 to $1,780 per month. HubSpot also offers a free CRM that includes basic functionality. HubSpot includes customer service, content management, and operations features in its Starter and Professional plans. 

Cost when billed annually: $30 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $50 per user, per month

How much does Monday CRM cost?

Full feature package: Monday Pro CRM

Cost when billed annually: $24 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $30 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Insightly maksaa?

Full feature package: Insightly Professional
Cost when billed annually: $49 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $59 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Pipedrive maksaa?

Full feature package: Pipedrive Professional
Cost when billed annually: $49.90 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $59.90 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Salesforce maksaa?

Full feature package: Salesforce Professional
Cost when billed annually: $80 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: n/a

How much does SugarCRM cost?

Full feature package: Sell Essentials
Cost when billed annually: $49 per user, per month; 3 user minimum and 5 user maximum
Cost when billed monthly: n/a

Kuinka paljon Zoho maksaa?

Full feature package: Zoho Enterprise
Cost when billed annually: $40 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $50 per user, per month

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Kuinka paljon Act! maksaa?

Full feature package: Act! Premium
Cost when billed annually: $30 per user, per month, additional charges for features such as advanced marketing automation, additional cloud storage, and enhanced support
Cost when billed monthly: n/a

Kuinka paljon Agile CRM maksaa?

Full feature package: Agile CRM Regular
Cost when billed annually: $39.99 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $49.99 per user, per month

How much does Thryv cost?

Full feature package: Thryv Plus; Thryv also offers various capabilities and tools in addition to CRM
Cost when billed annually: $199 per location, per month

Kuinka paljon Apptivo maksaa?

Full feature package: Apptivo Ultimate
Cost when billed annually: $20 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $25 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Capsule maksaa?

Full feature package: Capsule Teams
Cost when billed annually: $36 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $38 per user, per month

How much does Clarity CRM cost?

Full feature package: Clarity Accelerator
Cost when billed annually: $49 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: n/a

How much does Close cost?

Full feature package: Close Professional; includes three users
Cost when billed annually: $299 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $329 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Commence maksaa?

Full feature package: Commence Enterprise CRM; three-user minimum; includes sales features and marketing, customer service, and project management features are available for an additional cost
Cost when billed annually: $32 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: n/a

How much does Keap cost?

Full feature package: Keap Pro; includes 1500 contacts and 2 users; additional users are $29 each
Cost when billed annually: $159
Cost when billed monthly: $199

Kuinka paljon InStream maksaa?

Full feature package: InStream Premium
Cost: $49 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon vähemmän ärsyttävä CRM maksaa?

Full feature package: Less Annoying CRM only offers one CRM package.
Cost: $15 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Maximizer maksaa?

Full feature package: Maximizer Base Edition; three-user minimum
Cost when billed annually: $65 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: n/a

How much does Freshsales cost?

Full feature package: Freshsales Pro
Cost when billed annually: $39 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $47 per user, per month

How much does Salesflare cost?

Full feature package: Salesflare Pro
Cost when billed annually: $49 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $55 per user, per month

How much does ActiveCampaign cost?

Full feature package: ActiveCampaign Plus Marketing Automation and Sales CRM Bundle; Starts with 5 users and 1,000 contacts
Cost when billed annually: $93 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $116 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Nimble maksaa?

Full feature package: Nimble Business; additional charges for additional contacts and data storage
Cost when billed annually: $49 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $24.90 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Pipeliner maksaa?

Full feature package: Pipeliner Business
Cost when billed annually: $85 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $100 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Really Simple Systems maksaa?

Full feature package: Really Simple CRM Enterprise; additional charge for additional automated workflows
Cost when billed annually: $64 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $50 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Relenta maksaa?

Full feature package: Relenta offers a single CRM package
Cost when billed annually: $39 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $49 per user, per month

Kuinka paljon Sage maksaa?

Full feature package: Sage CRM; custom packages available
Cost when billed annually: $39 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: n/a

Kuinka paljon Vtiger CRM maksaa?

Full feature package: Vtiger One Professional
Cost when billed annually: $30 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $42 per user, per month

How much does Zendesk Sell cost?

Full feature package: Zendesk Sell Growth

Cost when billed annually: $55 per user, per month
Cost when billed monthly: $69 per user, per month

Oikean CRM:n valinta

Of course, pricing is just one factor to consider when choosing a CRM solution. You’ll also want to evaluate features, customer support, reviews, and the value your team members will get from the CRM. However, understanding CRM pricing is essential to ensure you choose the right software platform for your business needs.

Looking for an affordable, full-featured CRM? Consider Nutshell! All Nutshell plans come with live support, unlimited contacts, and unlimited data storage. Explore our plans to learn more.

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